Welcome to Mountain Rwenzori

The Rwenzori locally known as Ruwenzori, are the third highest Mountain ranges in Africa. Located between the border of Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Mount Stanley is the highest peak of the Rwenzori reaches 5,109metres (16,762 ft), it is permanently snow-capped and glaciated. Rivers fed by mountain streams from one of the sources of the Nile. Because of this, European explorers linked the Ruwenzori with the legendary Mountains of the Moon, claimed by the Greek scholar Ptolemy as the source of the Nile. Virunga National Park in eastern DR Congo and Rwenzori Mountains National Park in southwestern Uganda is located within the range.

Uganda’s Mountain Rwenzoris National Park is situated in Kasese town and can easily be accessed by plane or road. Via Road from Kampala the country’s capital. The mountain ranges cover up to approximately 120 kilometres (75 mi) long and 65 kilometres (40 mi) wide and is currently under the administration of the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA).

Besides the daring climbing adventures that take place in the park each year, Mountain Rwenzori Park turns out to be a great wildlife viewing destination too and boasts of various species of fauna. Several species of wildlife can be found in the Mountain Rwenzori National Park including the Cape Buffaloes, monkeys, and other animals that occupy the montane forests.

This safari park is one of the best destinations for those looking to hike far away from crowds in other mountains in Africa and the world.

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Discover Mount Rwenzori

Visiting mountain Rwenzoris will take you to Africa’s third, fourth and fifth highest peaks. In an alpine highland of glaciers, snowfields and lakes which make it one of Africa’s most beautiful mountain parks. 

It protects five distinct vegetation zones, several endangered species and the richest montane flora in Africa. A very unusual cloud forest of giant heathers, groundsels and lobelias, which has been called Africa’s botanic big game.

Crowd Free Hiking

Explore Africa's most technical mountain, through the glaciers to the summit.

Breathtaking Scenery

Gaze over flower filled valleys, steep ridges, clear blue lakes to the snow capped peaks.

Bird Watching

Spot the Rwenzori rare and endemics as you hike through the montane forest

Authentic Cultural Encounters

Get immersed in the local culture of the Rwenzori Keepers, the Bakonjo people

Best Time To Visit

Mount Rwenzori National Park is located along the equator and because of this; most parts are wet compared to other parts in East Africa. The highest rainfall amount is experienced in the eastern slopes and rains kick start from March to May and from September to mid-December. For excellent tour, you can opt for when to go to the Rwenzori mountains  from June to September as most parts remain relatively drier.

Mountain Rwenzori national park can be visited any time of the year, however the suitable months to go to Mountain Rwenzori national park is during the dry season, which is from June and August and between Decembers to February these are known as the dry. This is when to go to the Rwenzori Mountains

How To Get There

Mountain Rwenzori is a 7-hour drive from Kampala or Entebbe. From Buhoma, a 3-hour drive takes you through Ishasha to the base of the mountain. A scenic 2-hour drive takes you from Kibale to Kilembe or Nyakalengija. Take a chartered flight from Kajjansi to Kasese airfield.

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