7 Unforgettable Activities on Mountain Rwenzori

Top Activities on Mountain Rwenzori

There are different activities on Mountain Rwenzori one can do in Rwenzori Mountain National park including a day hike, cultural Encounter, Hiking and nature walks, Mountain /Volcano Climbing, Bird watching, Village walks , biking/cycling among other

Mountain Rwenzori Trekking

Mountain Rwenzori climbing / Trekking  activity is obviously the most popular  activity in Mountain Rwenzori  National park, To many it’s a dream to reach the 3rd highest point on the  African continent. 

It can take you up to 7 days to reach Magherita peak on Mt Stanley.  Each trail you take provides spectacular and rewardable viewing of glacial lakes, gorgeous viewpoints, dramatic mountain passes and lush valley. Read more about the routes here (…….)

The Mountain climbing activity can be booked through the website here  or else from a trustworthy tour operator check our labaafrica.com

Hiking and Nature walk

Nature walk and day hikes are also some of the activities on Mountain Rwenzori hiking and nature walk in Mountain Rwenzori.

You will be lead by an experienced guide/ ranger to different trails and expect to see beautiful lake Muhoma, and Buraro chimp forest. 

Passing through communities of the Bakonzo that have inhabited this place for 100 of years

12 Days Rwenzori and Gorilla safari

Over Night Hill Trek (Short cut to the long and Costly Rwenzori Trek )

These activities on Mountain Rwenzori are organized by Ruboni Camp, call it shortcut option to the long and costly Rwenzori trekking. 

In a few hours of walking and one night of outdoor camping, you will be able to take memories of the highest peak of the Rwenzori Mountains. The price is good too. Just a small budget of your trip covers everything on this trek.

It is probably the cheapest trek you will find in Uganda that gives you an opportunity to experience Uganda’s highest point easily, cheaply, and affordably.

These activities on Mountain Rwenzori involve spending a night on the community peak that is 2400 meters high. You trek through the villages, farms, and on the hills leading you to the scenic ridges, giving you one of the most rewarding views. 

These ridges overlook the Mountains and residential communities in the Mubuku valley. You will be amazed by this trail that is off the beaten path. The trekking is entirely clear, full of scenic picture moments. 

In the early morning and late evening, while on the top, you will have a chance to take a clear view of Margherita peak, if the day is clear.

Cultural Experience in the Mountain Rwenzori

Another cool activity around Mountain Rwenzori is cultural immersion in the evening local people of all ages come together to celebrate their culture.

A limited number of guests are welcome to join and practically participate in this traditional merry-making session.  

Here you can join the traditional workshops or just sit back to learn and appreciate the local Bakonzo culture as you view the sounds and moves of these mountain dances. 

During or after the function, you can shop souvenirs in the local gift shop, purchase local meals, or chat with the locals to learn more about Uganda, the Rwenzori Mountains and her people.

Birding in Mountain Rwenzori

Mountain Rwenzori is also popular for birding tourists with over 217 bird species recorded in the areas. Birders have called it a paradise. 

You will have a chance to see bird species Birds like Robins ,Sunbirds ,Bee eaters ,Rwenzori Turaco, great blue turacos among others.  

Birding is a great activity on Mountain Rwenzori for thos that are not interested in Climbing it.

Wildlife viewing in Mountain Rwenzori

Mountain Rwenzori base is covered by savanna grasslands which is a home to variety of mammal species that include ;blue monkeys ,bush buck ,golden cats ,giant forest hogs ,red duiker.

Additionally, forest elephant ,Rwenzori colobus , Rwenzori otter ,Rwenzori climbing mouse ,genet Mongoose ,leopards ,Uganda clawed frog ,L’hoest’s monkeys ,rock hydrax and many more.