Mahoma Trail

Bulemba-Ihandiro Cultural Trail

Bulemba-Ihandiro Cultural Trail is one of the trails on mountain Rwenzori, the highest mountain in Uganda. Although this trail doesn’t lead to the summit, it still offers majestic views of the towering mountain ranges. This trail further offers interactive cultural encounters of the Bakonzo people.

Mountain Rwenzori is Uganda’s tallest mountain and was designated a UNESCO world heritage site in 1994. The mountain covers a 1000 square kilometers (386 Square miles) and is shared by DR Congo to the West. The mountain is famous for her technical hiking expeditions complemented by the exquisite flora and fauna. The never ending flower gardens, the giant Lobelia, heather and groundsels are some of the flora you will encounter on the mountain slopes. Primates such as chimps, colobus monkeys, blue monkeys can be seen in the tropical forests. The forest elephants, giant hogs, duiker and Rwenzori leopards are rare but present. The Rwenzori Turaco and Rwenzori Batis are some of the endemic birds on the mountain.

The Bulemba-Ihandiro Cultural Trail however offers more than wildlife and birds. This trail takes you to the local communities who dwell on the slopes of the mountain. The Bakonzo people settled and have lived on these fertile lands for more than 300 years. On your cultural tour, you will get a firsthand experience of how their ancestors lived by visiting the local homes, listening to their folktale and participating in their activities for a deeper insight. A local guide will introduce you to the famous traditional healer (Muhima) and gives you a further scope of the extent of this healer’s power. The local healer used herbs and concoctions to treat aliments, fix marriages, cleanse people of bad luck and many more.

The trail further to the village blacksmith. Here, you will observe as the blacksmith molds metal into household items like saucepans, knives, machetes and more. Learn how to make a fire and how to weave baskets. Follow the trail to the Kamusonge river. Here, it is said that the water is sweet and easily quenches one’s thirst. The grass thatched huts are built in Konzo design. They are strategically placed to maximize the astounding views of the mountain ranges. Relax and unwind in one of the huts. The final leg of this Bulemba-Ihandiro Cultural Trail takes you to the cultural museum. Here, local materials were used in its construction. The items in the Museum include the history and culture of the Bakonzo.

Apart from the Bulemba-Ihandiro Cultural Trail, other trails on the mountain offer amazing cultural encounters. These include:

Ruboni Community Camp

The Ruboni community campsite offers amazing cultural interactions. They include village tours, cultural festivals, traditional dances, interactions with the traditional healer and much more. The campsite further offers accommodation facilities for those who intend to spend the night by the slopes of the mountain.

Rwenzori Turaco view campsite.

Rwenzori Turaco view campsite allows visitors to immerse themselves in the local Bakozo culture. Named after the rare Rwenzori Turaco, the camp is an ideal destination for cultural excursions. Visit the traditional healer, the blacksmith and dance to the traditional songs on your cultural safari. The camp offers accommodation and day treks on the slopes of the mountain.

Other hiking trails on Mountain Rwenzori.

Bulemba-Ihandiro Cultural Trail

Central circuit Trail

The central circuit trail takes you through the different vegetation zones to the summit of Mountain Rwenzori. This trail is the most popular route used when hiking the Rwenzoris. It is ran and managed by Rwenzori Mountaineering services and begins at Nyakalengija. Trek through the moorland, the rocky alpine, tropical and bamboo forests, on the glaciers and finally to Margherita, the highest peak on the mountain.

Southern circuit trail (Kilembe trail)

The southern circuit (Kilembe trail) starts from Kilembe and is one of the routes used to explore the mountain ranges. Run by Rwenzori trekking services, it is the longest of the circuits. This gives hikers the opportunity to acclimatize on their summiting hike. This southern circuit offers day, multi day and summiting hikes. Depending on your preference, you can spend up to 12 days on the mountain side.

Mahoma trail.

Although this trail doesn’t lead you to the summit, it offers breathtaking views of the mountain peaks. The trail leads to Lake Mahoma offering spectacular views of the Rukenga valley covered with never ending flowers and giant lobelia. The lake offers spectacular and serene views of the peaks. This Mahoma trail offers a spectacular 3-day hike.