Facts about Mountain Rwenzori

Facts about Mountain Rwenzori.

Mountain Rwenzori is the tallest mountain in Uganda and 3rd in Africa behind Mt Kilimanjaro and Mt Kenya. It sprawls across the western part of Uganda into the Eastern part of DR Congo. Although the park is famous for her incredible flora, the ranges are home to mammals, primates and birds. These flourish in the five vegetation zones. To learn more about this mountain, let’s look at some of the fascinating facts about Mountain Rwenzori

1. Where is Mountain Rwenzori Located?

The mountain stretches from the countries of Uganda into DR Congo. It is found north of the Equator. In Uganda, the ranges are found in western Uganda and East in the DR Congo.

2. What is Mountain Rwenzori known as?

Mountain Rwenzori is sometimes known as Ruwenzori or Ruwenjura. Often times, they are referred to as the “mountains of the moon”. This term prehistorically was used to define the ranges that provided waters to the Nile. Since the streams from the melting glaciers feed into the Nile, it is believed that the Rwenzoris are the acclaimed mountains of the moon.

3. Who named Mountain Rwenzori?

Sir Henry Morton Stanley, a Welsh-American explorer named the mountain ranges. The name means “the rain maker” as the rains feeds the lush green vegetation throughout the year.

4. What is the highest peak of the mountain Rwenzori?

At 16,762feet (5,109m), the Margherita peak is the tallest peak on the Rwenzoris. The peak is found on Mount Stanley. Mount Stanley was named after the explorer who named the mountain and Margherita peak was named after the Queen of Italy Margherita. In Congo, Mount Stanley is called Mt Ngaliema. Other peaks on Mount Stanley include;

·       Alexandria at 16,703 feet (5,091m)

·       Albert at 16,690 feet (5,087m)

Mount Stanley is the 3rd highest in Africa preceded by Mt Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya.

5. Who was first to Summit Mountain Rwenzori?

Prince Luigi Amedeo the duke of Abruzzi was the first recorded person to summit Rwenzori on June 23, 1906. He was accompanied by J Brocherel, J Petigax and C, Ollier.

Facts about Mountain Rwenzori

6. How many mountains make up Rwenzori?

Rwenzori is composed of six mountains. They include;

·       Mount Stanley 16,762 ft. (5,109m)

·       Mount Speke 16,040 ft. (4,890m)

·       Mount Baker 15,889 ft. (4,843m)

·       Mount Emin 15,741 ft. (4,798m)

·       Mount Gessi 15,469 ft. (4,715m)

·       Mount Luigi di Savoia ft. (4,627m)

Notably, Mount Stanley and Mount Speke are the 3rd and 4th highest peak in Africa respectively.

7. How big is the mountain range of the Rwenzori?

Although the mountain ranges aren’t the biggest or tallest, they are majestic and offer spectacular views and sightings on your hiking expedition. They ran between 75-80 miles (120-130km) in length between lakes Edward and George and around 30-40kms (50-65km) in breadth.

8. What is the climate of Mountain Rwenzori?

Because of the different altitude, the mountain ranges have different climatic conditions. This further leads to varying vegetation zones. The lower altitudes are characterized by tropical climate with lush green forests. The higher elevations see more of rocky conditions with snow and ice.

9. What type of vegetation is on Rwenzori?

Due to the different altitude, stratified zones can be found on the mountain. These include;

  • Grassland 3,281-6,562 ft. (1000-2000m)
  • Montane Forest 6,562-9,842 ft. (2,000-3000m)
  • Bamboo zone 8,202-9,843 ft. (2,500-3,000m)
  • Heather zone 9,843-13,123 ft. (3,000m-4,000m)
  • Afro-Alpine zone 13,123-16,762 ft. (4,000m to 5,109m)
10. What animals are found on Mountain Rwenzori?

The slopes of Mountain Rwenzori are home to a variety of wildlife. Some are rarely seen while others are easily seen on any hiking expedition. These include;   

·       Forest Elephants

·       Hyrax

·       Duiker

·       Montane squirrel

·       Rwenzori otter

·       White and black colobus monkeys

·       Chimpanzees

·       Blue monkeys

·       L’Hoest monkey.

11. What are the activities to do in Rwenzori Mountains?

Rwenzori mountain offers some of the most technical hiking safaris in Africa. These range from day hikes and multiday hikes that take you to the summit. You can complement your hike with a cultural encounter with the Bakonzo, the local tribe. Dance to the rhythm of the African drum. Rwenzori is a prime destination for bird lovers. 217 bird species have been recorded with 17 endemic to the Albertine rift.

12. What else are the Rwenzori Mountains known for?

Apart from the scenic beauty and adventure prospects, the mountain has minerals like cobalt and copper. This mining is done at Kilembe in Uganda.

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