How to Use TikTok As an Educational Tool

Most popular app for social media in the younger age group, TikTok is becoming more commonplace. It is also popular among those who enjoy short-form material. The tool can also be employed for educational purposes by teachers who create media. Maybe you’re wondering how TikTok could do to help in educational purposes.

These phrases could increase the length of your essay

If you’re struggling to write your paper, you might consider making your essay longer using TikTok words. These videos will enable you to increase your number of words and make you sound more intelligent at the same time. These tips have become popular among students, many of whom even forward their tips to their parents.

In general it is the case that increasing the word count of your essay is a good way to increase the overall length of your essay, without having to repeat the same content you have already written. However, you must remember that your teacher can readily spot fluff in an essay, so you need to pay attention to quality and not the quantity. In order to make your essay more lengthy, try to think about your essay’s prompt or topic in a variety of ways.

More evidence is needed

The best way to make the essay convincing is to include more information. This can be done through citing other aspects in your essay. Be sure to outline every section and add supporting data. Additionally, you must anticipate opposing arguments. You should be able to anticipate what points you’ll write persuasively and then provide proof for every one of them.

Use transition words

Within your writing, transition words are used to establish the relationships between sentences or paragraphs. These words improve your essay’s flow and create context between the points. Here are some examples of how you can use phrases that transition: – The patient’s care is preceded with charting. After care for the patient then charting, then followed by charts.

Define the meanings of transition words. The reason for the transition words is to join the pieces of writing together, to ensure consistency and cohesion. It is possible to get guidance in choosing the proper words or phrases. There is even a list of transition words to assist in arranging your paper.

A thesaurus is a great tool!

Thesaurus is an effective tool when it comes to writing. It will help you find synonyms of words that you frequently use and assist you choose the best word to convey the concept. Although many students feel that using a thesaurus will make them appear pretentious, that’s not the case.

Thesauruses can help you change tones and nuance. Words like prosaic can give your writing an academic feel, while vanilla makes it appear more informal and slangy. Important to note that some words are more fitting for specific audiences in comparison to other words.

Avoid repetition

The best way to write a good essay is to steer clear of repeating. Repeated writing can distract and could affect the enjoyment of reading your essay. You can use the Find function in the word processor to stop repeated the same words. This feature will help pinpoint specific words and phrases that frequently repeat.

Thesaurus is a different method to prevent repetition. It allows you to substitute commonly used words with synonyms. Grammar checkers often contain a built-in Thesaurus. But, be careful not to use too many synonyms. Utilizing thesaurus should be minimal and restricted.

If you find yourself writing the same thing over Try rewriting your sentences. It is possible to eliminate repetition and create a dynamic rhythm within your writing. Your writing will be fascinating to and read. Also, the more repetition you can eliminate this, the more engaging your writing will be.

Another good way to avoid repetition is by using pronouns. Pronouns are used to differentiate different persons. It’s fine to employ them at least a couple of times when it is appropriate for the context. Utilize pronouns as needed and include your names in a limited amount. To ensure your writing flows smoothly, it is helpful to hear someone read out loud. Also, you can look at the same words when you proofread.

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