Ruboni community camp cultural encounters

Ruboni community camp cultural encounters: Mountain Rwenzori, the tallest mountain in Uganda and 3rd tallest in Africa is located the western part of Uganda and spans into the eastern part of DR Congo. At 5,109m the peaks are snowcapped throughout the year and offer spectacular hiking safaris. Although the mountain ranges aren’t the tallest in Africa, it is the most technical to summit. Summiting safaris range from 7-11 days depending on your preference. Although hiking is the most popular activity on the mountain, other attractions are found on the mountain. 217 bird species, 17 of which are endemic to the Albertine rift can be spotted as you scale the slopes of this towering mountain. Primates such as chimpanzees, blue monkeys, colobus monkeys and vervet monkeys thrive in the tropical forest on the mountain. On rare occasions, forest elephants, duikers, forest hogs and the Rwenzori leopard are sighted. For the last 300 years, the slopes of this great mountain have been home to the Bakonzo, the most dominant tribe in the region. The Ruboni community camp is one of the destinations that give you an insight of the local culture of the Bakonzo people.

Safari activities in Ruboni

A variety of activities at the camp share an insight on the lives of the forefathers of the Bakonzo at the camp. Some of the activities you will participate in include: 

Cultural festivals

Just like the forefathers before them, the evenings at the camp are communal. All the families come together and enjoy a fun filled evening by the fires. Here, families dance, sing and eat together just like it was done by their ancestors. This cultural festival gives you the chance to participate in this tradition. Taste the local delicacies, local drinks and dance to the unique rhythm of the African drum. This activity lasts from 5:00pm to 7:00pm. Only a limited number of guests are allowed to join in this merry making gathering. You can further interact with the locals, going shopping for local souvenirs and enjoy the majestic view of the towering mountain. 

Traditional dance

Ruboni community camp cultural encountersLike in any African culture, traditional dances are an integral part of their heritage. This dance is passed down from generation to generation. In ancient times, communities gathered around the old evening camp fire, told stories and enjoyed the rhythm of the African drum. The Bakonzo like in other cultures used this traditional dances for rituals, education and pure entertainment. On your culture tour, the rich culture is displayed. These dancing are unique to different events. These include; harvesting, funerals, weddings, circumcision, cleansing, hunting and so forth. The local musicians play the local instruments which entices the young and the old to join in a harmonious dance. You are invited to participate, dance along or join a small workshop to learn how to play the instrument of your choice. You can choose to sing along and be one with the Bakonzo people.

Village Tour

One of the intimate ways of learning about the Bakonzo culture is by embarking on a tour of the village. This allows you to interact with the local people in the comfort of their homes. Ruboni community opens her doors for you to enjoy authentic culture experiences. In this village tour, you will participate in a variety of activities for further insight into the Bakonzo. Like in the olden days, certain families were good at a particular trade and would be the providers of the certain trade or service.

  • Visit the blacksmith: As far as fire was discovered, tools were molded over the fire to make household items like knives, needles, arrow heads, spears and many more. This was done over an open fire where the blacksmith would pound the metal with a hammer on river rocks.
  • Craft Weaver: Natural fiber was always readily available and was used to make clothes and domestic items like bags and baskets. This was always done by women and they will demonstrate and teach you how to weave.
  • Traditional healer: Until the introduction of modern medicine by missionaries and explorers, African used local herbs and concoctions to treat aliments, cleansing portions, fix relationships and other calamities. A visit to the local healer will show how the local healer used local herbs to make this portions.
  • Farmer’s house: The Bakonzo are a family community. At the farmer’s house, you will learn and participate in the farming process of vanilla, coffee and bananas. Process coffee and enjoy a fresh cup of coffee. Buy some crops for your family as souvenirs.

Accommodation at Ruboni community camp

The camp is strategically located at the park entrance. This allows for a perfect start for your summiting safari. With activities that allow you to interact with the local community, it gives you the perfect start for your cultural adventures. The unrivalled views of the mountain are the backdrop during your stay. The camp has non-self-contained rooms, self-contained bandas and self-contained cabins. The experienced chefs offer delicious and fresh vegan and vegetarian meals