7 Day Rwenzori and Queen Elizabeth tour


Explore Uganda on this 7 Day Rwenzori and Queen Elizabeth tour with amazing game viewing in the most visited parks in Uganda, Queen Elizabeth. Hike up the snowcapped Rwenzori mountains for spectacular flora and views.

Queen Elizabeth national park is one of Uganda’s top safari destination. This savanna wilderness lies in the western rift valley and is home to amazing wildlife. The tree climbing lions are one of the top attractions in the park. A boat cruise on the Kazinga channel offers close encounters with the reserve’s best game. On the other hand, the hike up Mountain Rwenzori offers rewarding encounters with scenic views of the mountain peaks, amazing flora and a beautiful time on the mountain side. This Uganda safari begins and ends in Kampala/Entebbe.

Uganda on this 7 Day Rwenzori and Queen Elizabeth tour itinerary 

Day 1: Onto the Rwenzoris

This 7 Day Rwenzori and Queen Elizabeth tour will begin with a briefing about your expedition by your safari director. Then off you go. The drive takes you through Uganda’s country side of western Uganda. The road side markets of fresh produce and the farm lands offer a deep insight into the lives of the local populace. The unsightly views of the rift valley are a sight to behold. Check into your accommodation at the base of the mountain with views of the mountain ranges.

Day 2: NYAKALENGIJA (1,615m) – NYABITABA CAMP (2,651m)

Begin your day with a hot breakfast, check your supplies and head to the park offices. Here, you will get to meet your porters, chefs and guides and get the necessary equipment for the hike. This is what you have training for. The hike takes you through the farmlands into a tropical forest by the edge of Mubuku river. The trail steepens leading to a considerable ridge which takes you to Nyabitaba hut. On this trail, the chimpanzee vocal calls can be heard. More primates like the white and black colobus monkeys and blue monkeys are seen amongst the trees. The rare Rwenzori turaco is occasionally spotted. At the Nyabitaba hut, relax and enjoy a nice meal prepared by your chefs.

Hike time: 5-8 hours.


Wake up to a hot morning breakfast and prepare for another day on the mountain. Follow the trail and descend to the Kurt Shafer bridge. Proceed through the bamboo forest onto a long patch of rock covered moss. Enjoy the breathtaking views of the peaks of Speke and Stanley. The groundsel, lobelia and giant heather are some of the epic plant life on this section of the mountain. Hike through the bog before arriving at the John Matte hut, your pit stop for the day.

Hike time: 7 – 8 hours.  


7 Day Rwenzori and Queen Elizabeth tourFollow the trail down to Bujuku river and proceed through the lower Bigo bog. Here, the giant lobelias flourishes. Transverse through the tussock onto the upper Bigo bog. The magnificent views of Bujuku lake, Mt Baker and Mt Stanley are your reward on this day’s grueling hike. Here, the Bujuku camp is strategically located in the Stuhlmann pass. For climbers who intend to summit, the camp is perfect for acclimatization. Rest, recover and begin your descent back to John Matte camp.

Hike time: 5 – 8 hours. 


This is the last day on the mountain. Begin your descent from John Matte to Nyabitaba camp. You will follow the same trail on your ascent. Arrive at Nyabitaba in time for lunch and proceed to Nyakalengija. Bid farewell to your porters, chefs and guides. Exhausted, you will check into your accommodation for a much needed recovery time.

Hike time: 7-9 hours

Day 6: Onto the savanna plains.

Following an amazing hiking expedition, transfer to Queen Elizabeth national park for game viewing. This safari adventure gives you time to recover from your hike before proceeding to your next destination. Embark on an afternoon boat cruise on the Kazinga channel. Here, vast schools of hippos can be spotted in the waters. Most of the 660 bird species in the park are seen on the banks of the channel. Crocodiles, elephants, waterbucks and buffalo are seen by the banks of the river.

Day 7: Game viewing and transfer to Kampala.

Drive onto the savanna plains of Kasenyi for game viewing. This morning game drive offers close encounters with the game in the park. Vast herds of elephants freely roam the savanna. The kob mating grounds attract the big cats for easy meals. Lions, leopards, hyenas and jackals can be spotted in this section of the park. Check out of Queen Elizabeth and transfer back to Kampala/Entebbe. This marks the end of your hiking and wildlife expedition. 

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